Wind Damage

Wind storms wreak unmentionable havoc. It blows away roofs, detaches structures like garage and sheds or anything that comes in their path. Winds blowing at a high speed bring bad news to the property and personal belongings inside the house. Winds cause broken tree limbs and even uproot trees sometimes. The resultant debris that it carries can cause extra damage. We know it is not easy to assess this kind of damage and devastation. We understand it is not humanly possible to stay calm and fill out the necessary papers for claiming the insurance. Contact us.

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Flood damage

Floods are the result of prolonged heavy rain, melting snow, blocked storm drainage system, coastal storm surges, and levee dam failure. The damage is normally not covered in house owner’s insurance unless a supplemental insurance policy is taken. Flood water is a cause of heavy damage to the property. There are certain areas which are more prone to floods. The property owners in such areas take flood insurance. If you have taken flood insurance it is likely that you may have missed out the terms and conditions written in fine prints. And when the disaster hits, you are told that some damages are not covered. You are further devastated. There is no need to panic. Your best decision would be to contact us at TRIUMPH.

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Roof damage

The property suffers damage to its roof due to hurricane, storm, vandalism, burglary and other reasons beyond the control of the owner of the property. The roof may also require repair and this cost can be covered by insurance. But as far as roof and the gutters attached to it are concerned these are different for different kinds of buildings. Thus, making the claim becomes little tricky. If you are dealing with roof damage insurance claim that is driving you crazy, come to TRIUMPH.

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Condo insurance coverage is quite different from house coverage. Since you are not the owner of the whole building but a unit, the policies are not the same.

The condominium association provides master policy coverage, and the amount has to be paid monthly by the owner of the unit and the tenant when there’s a claim.

The master policy covers accidents and natural disasters, but you may require a different insurance policy for damages caused by floods, storms, and earthquakes.

If it takes too long to settle a claim, schedule an appointment with our skilled adjusters to help you retrieve the insured amount.

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Life after a hurricane can be difficult, especially when you have had severe property and assets damage. Post the disaster, you must report the damages and file the insurance claim.

Click as many pictures as you can of your property and damaged assets.

Make a list of your damaged items and collect the credentials. Keep all the documents organized, since the claim process is quite complicated and you may require professional help.

If the insurance company denies or delays your claims, reach out to us. We have a competent team of adjusters to help you provide the compensation you deserve.

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Your garbage disposal may have minor problems that you can fix with a few DIY tricks. Like if it is not turning on, you can check whether it is plugged in or not. Turn the reset button on and check if it is working. If the circuit breaker switch trips off, try to find the cause. If the switch is faulty, you can change it. But if it is something major, you must call a professional.

The sink flange or the sink drainage system is where you can detect the leakage. Loose bolts can be tightened, and for minor leakages, you can apply putty. But if the leakage problem persists, call expert plumbers.

We have skilled plumbing professionals who can identify the problems and help provide support.

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If your energy usage bills are soaring high, check for the leakage in your AC unit. With time, AC drainpipes tend to break down or develop cracks. The drainpipes often get blocked by debris, causing leakage. The clogged filters restrict airflow and drop the coil’s temperature. Excessive low temperatures can form ice flakes when the moisture from the air is blown in the room, causing the water to leak.

The AC unit can have clogged drainpipes, but an expert AC repair professional can help remove the debris and fix the leakage. Whenever you require help with AC or HVAC unit restorations, reach out to us.

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